Minato Relaxation and Rehabilitation 

We have been working alongside MINATO Medical Science Company in Japan for a number of years now, and they specialise in Relaxation and Rehabilitation. We have their Dry Hydro Massage Bed, the QZ 240 which offers a lovely relaxing massage by strong water jets whilst remaining fully clothed. It can be set to work on individual parts, ie shoulders or lower back, or just a fantastic all over massage. it will automatically detect the height of the person laying on it, and adjust the water jets accordingly. 

img_qz240_01 (1).jpg

Minato Medical also produce a great range of Rehabilitation and Training machines. These have proved beneficial when working with elderly people that may have had Strokes and are looking to slowly build muscle strength. The machines work by using electro-magnetic resistance, so there are no free weights. This is a much smoother exercise for the patient. The pulleys and moving parts are concealed, to give a clean safe area to sit. Each machine comes with a stand that can monitor the activity and track progress as the patient moves forward. 

The machines are also used to maintain good health, and continued exercise.