Umano ALL Bed information screen.

This is the information screen found on the footboard of the Umano ALL bed. A simple to use screen but still packed full of useful information regarding patient care.

The height of the bed from the floor, and any angles, if the bed is profiled, will be shown.

It has an option to choose which of the three levels of bed exit protection are to be selected.

There are OIML Class 3 scales on the bed, and you can enter the Patient Risk menu to tailor specific requirements for individual patients. This can be via scrolling pictures on the screen to display such things as 'nil by mouth' or 'risk of confusuion' etc.

Once you press the padlock button with the orange light underneath it to unlock it, the bed can be widened to a double bed at the touch of a button.

This is fantastic for Bariatric care as well as Palliative. In a hospital, the bed has the same footprint as a standard ward bed, until needed for Bariatric use when it can be extended.

In Hospices, the bed comes into its own as a fantastic palliative care bed. It is officially certified for two people, meaning loved ones can be together at the most precious of times.

This is the bed that does it ALL.

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