Minato QZ Aquatizer – Dry Hydro Massage Bed

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A relaxing “warm water” massage without getting wet !
Multi programme massage with variable intensity : a new way to relax tired muscles and increase circulation.

The ultimate “WELLBEING” product !





New sense of treatment with the 4 nozzle (wide jet) [patent under application]
This has created a sense of treatment not previously found in 4 base nozzles. By switching the number of nozzles depending on the massaged area and pattern, we provide massage with a high degree of variation.
Holds the feet softly with an airbag

The foot airbag prevents you from opening your legs and holds the legs in the optimal position. The jet provides precise stimulation from your calves to your thighs.
The sensors automatically detect your height

Equipped with sensor to determine the position of your head. It measures your height and automatically sets the optimal massage position. There is no need to separately set the height as before and this greatly reduces the workload of the staff.

The body and all-in-one handrail located from the head to feet make it easy to get on and off the bed. Further, its smooth streamlined shape give it a really futuristic design.