The Ook Snow MH

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The  Med Surg Bed offers excellence in low height medical bed category without compromising important features. It is designed to maximize infection control and reduce falls offering better performance and value. It helps you improve your patient’s well-being thanks to its fully featured design, its built-in safety characteristics & its ease of use.

reduces bed inventory and purchasing cost by combining both low bed and hospital bed characteristics.





The  bed offers many options to healthcare professionals and can be adapted to meet the requirements of any demanding hospital environment. Our ergonomic designs give patients more autonomy and ensure their safety.

  • 10” low height with built-in bed exit to minimize falls
  • Seamless design to maximize infection control
  • Easy to use and fully featured bed
  • Clearance for lift and overbed table compatibility
  • Open architecture to ease cleaning and simplify installation of mattress
  • BoostlessTM backrest system to improve patient comfort during bed activation
  • Integrated bed extender to offer more flexibility