Welltonic – Abductor

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If the muscles around the waist weaken, the stability of the body worsens.
Improves muscle tone around the torso : increases stability in walking, balance and helps to prevent falls

Through exercise, the stability of the pelvis can be increased thus eliminating shaking when walking or standing on one leg, and preventing them from falling.





Main Supply AC100V 50/60Hz
Power input 600VA
External dimensions width 890〜1,350 × depth 1,450 × height 1,200 (mm)
Weight 80kg
Muscles to be used Gluteus medius,Gluteus minimus,Tensor fasciae latae
Load setting 20 N to 440 N 10 N each weight Accuracy ± 5% F.S.


  • Starting angle setting can be simply achieved using just 1 lever.
  • When transferring, the arm can be simply opened, thus it is easy to get on and off.