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About Us

For twenty years, MONTCALM INTERNATIONAL has promoted the use of low rise profiling hospital beds in NHS hospitals. Now proven as a key component, it is helping prevent the patient trauma of a falls injury, and in turn reducing staffing levels and costs. We are now proud to be supplying an exciting new bed range. MONTCALM UMANO BEDS are the latest evolution in low hospital bed technology.

UMANO Medical beds are manufactured in Quebec, Canada and are subject to the strictest quality control and safety certifications demanded by the Canadian, U.S and European authorities. These beds are truly "state of the art", matching precision engineering with sophisticated easy to use software to deliver a range of beds that ensure maximum safety and wellbeing for both patient and carer.

MONTCALM offers nationwide support for our products, giving customers the confidence to invest in equipment designed for many years of trouble free service. Continuing investment in bed functions and features include "connectivity" and service delivery, will help enhance the productive working partnerships we have with our customers. 

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Improving and maintaining patient mobility is increasingly important in our ageing population. MINATO MEDICAL SCIENCE have been instrumental in addressing this big challenge in Japan and MONTCALM is working with them to introduce their range of resistance training and massage equipment to the U.K market. 

The Ook Snow ALL bed is also proving a fantastic addition to Hospices around the country due it being the only UK bed certified for two people, offering unrivalled care at the most important time.

Please contact us to arrange a demonstration and trial of any of these superb products.

We also have a large amount of CHG Spirit Plus, Spirit Plus SafeChoice and Spirit Select beds in many hospitals and hospices around the country. These are a mixture of sale and rental beds, and we support the maintenance of these beds. We are just a phone call, or an email away from resolving any queries regarding these beds.

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