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The Umano Ook Snow ALL bed - 'The Cuddle Bed'

The Ook Snow ALL bed has been affectionately re named 'The Cuddle bed' by a lot of our customers. The bed has the same footprint as a standard Ward Bed, but at the touch of a button, it can widen to a double bed.

Hospitals use it for Bariatric care, and Hospices are finding it a fantastic bed for delivering Palliative care. 

The ability to be able to get into the same bed as your loved one, and have a cuddle or offer comfort at the most tender of times is proving to be incredibly beneficial. 

The bed is fully certified for two people, giving patients and carers peace of mind that not only is it helping to provide care, it is doing it safely. 

This video is an example of how the Ook Snow ALL bed is making a difference. 

This particular instance was filmed at St Luke's Hospice in Plymouth, and it is a wonderfully moving video about how someones dying wish can be used to benefit people in the future. 

Every care facility around the country have beds, one day, hopefully, they will all have 'Cuddle Beds'. 


The video on the right is again from St Luke's Hospice in Plymouth. Jessica tells her story of the care her husband Tom received at St Luke's, and also the impact of having a bed to be able to share with him.

The fundraising from Chloe's story helped to purchase this wonderful bed, and more will follow.

The bed is really starting to attract more and more attention around the UK. It is the stand out bed available for palliative care. 

All Bed 3.jpg

The ease of use is important in the design of this bed. The padlock button is pressed to allow movement, and then push the top button to widen it, and the bottom on to bring it back in. 

Preset sizes can be entered so that any alteration will result in a notification sound, and the movement can be completely locked via the information screen. 

Umano ALL buttons.JPG
All bed 5.JPG

The Ook Snow ALL bed is a low bed, just 11 inches from the floor, and comes equipped with Bed Exit Alarm technology and OIML Class 3 scales.

There is an information screen at the end of the bed that shows the carer the current status of the bed, including height from the floor, backrest angles and which alarm setting is selected. 

The picture on the right is a good visual example of the bed extended and foam bolsters added to the mattress. 

ALL bed with bolsters.jpg
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